The M.O.R.E. AMIS Education Program has been developed to help surgeons master the AMIS approach from the simplest primary hip arthroplasties to the most complex revisions, and has been embraced by hundreds of surgeons worldwide. The International AMIS Education Board is made up of AMIS experts from around the world, who have a thorough understanding of  the AMIS technique and a passion for sharing their experience with the global orthopaedic community. 

How to master the AMIS technique, focusing on difficult cases and revisions

The Master level is the ultimate level of our extensive education program which focuses on difficult cases and revisions. Strengths and key aspects of the AMIS approach are analysed and discussed with the International AMIS Education Board. Emphasis is placed on surgeon-to-surgeon discussion on difficult
clinical cases.
The Revision AMIS Learning Center offers the opportunity to experience a cadaver workshop that includes a variety of strategies to help fracture management along with your chance to operate on complex revision arthroplasties.

The Master level represents the ultimate step of the comprehensive AMIS education program, which includes the following levels:

How to start with AMIS

You will have the opportunity to operate on cadaver specimens with the assistance of teaching surgeons, to experience the advantages of the AMIS Mobile Leg Positioner, to analyse difficult cases, to go thoroughly into indications and contraindications.

How to improve the AMIS technique and widen the patient selection

Education does not stop after the first surgeries, it is a continuos process. The Advanced Learning Center focuses on detailed scientific topics that stimulate expert-to-expert open discussion, increase AMIS confidence and widen the patient selection for almost all primary cases. An entire session is focused on clinical cases discussion and surgical tips & tricks reviews. Topic examples are: intraoperative complications and solutions, capsular release, and approach extensions.

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